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Author: Panatda Catalin

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

Regarding all the carpet cleaning methods available to you, steam cleaning is one most well-loved ones. There are certain factors for it, which are discussed further down the blog. But because of its helpful properties, most estate owners plan to hire steam carpet cleaning services.

Though other carpet cleaning methods are not bad. But compared to the benefits that steam cleaning provides, it can’t match up to its standards. Check out this blog on how to hire carpet steam cleaning services in your area. For now, let us discuss the merits of hiring these services.

5 Perks You Enjoy When You Hire Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

◊ Safest Carpet Cleaning Method For Environment

Steam cleaning is the safest carpet cleaning method. Besides that, it’s also eco-friendly and doesn’t cause problems to any pets. Steam carpet cleaning services don’t use any products to remove contaminants.

◊ Makes Your Carpet Shine and Look New-Like

Want your carpet to shine and look like new? The easiest way to get this by hiring carpet cleaning companies. The high temperature of steam removes all the dirt, dust, stains trapped deep within the carpet.

◊ Steam Carpet Cleaning Also Sanitizes The Carpet

The best benefit of steam carpet cleaning services is that you don’t need to pay more to sanitize the carpet. The extremely high temperature of steam kills all the germs, viruses, and bacteria existing inside the carpet.

Carpet Sanitizes Company in Yucaipa CA

◊ Helps to Reduce The Number of Allergens

In case you have family or office members suffering from allergies, then regular carpet cleaning helps in curbing it down. Steam cleaning is especially good because this method doesn’t use any cleaning agent to clean the carpet.

◊ Completely Removes Pet Odor Smell

All the pet parents know how difficult it is to remove pet odor from the carpets. Sadly, the DIYs you see on the net don’t work for long. To completely remove it though, you need to hire carpet cleaning companies.

The Best Yucaipa Carpet Cleaners That You Can Hire!

Steam Clean Restoration is a leading carpet cleaning firm in Yucaipa, CA. We provide 100% client satisfaction carpet cleaning using the steam carpet cleaning method. So call us at (909) 528-6666 to avail the perks of steam carpet cleaning services.

Stay in touch with us by following us on Facebook.

Some Helpful Tips for Natural Stone Cleaning Services

Natural stone is an investment that lasts a lifetime. To make it appear as beautiful as the day you bought it, provide it the care it deserves. Vacuum daily and hire professional natural stone cleaning service frequently. Keep in mind, even if the stone is long-lasting and durable, it’s not indestructible.

To preserve your stone to stay immaculate for generations, you need knowledge and training on upkeep and regular care. Doing so will make sure they maintain their shine and beauty. You can use organic stone cleaning products for better upkeep of your natural stone flooring.

What happens in case you don’t have the right information about natural stone cleaning? Well, it can cause homeowners to make errors which may also result in the stone being damaged. We do not want your stone flooring to suffer. That’s why we have brought to you some amazing natural stone cleaning tips.

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips That Professionals Suggests

⇒ Do Not Use Vinegar

It’s crucial to use cleaners that are suitable for natural stone surfaces. This means avoiding the use of vinegar. Stones like limestone, marble, or travertine react to vinegar as it’s an acidic purifier, with harsh outcomes.

It also results in the burning of the surface of the stone. Rather, homeowners should invest in a neutral pH level natural stone cleaning products. In the case of granite, vinegar won’t cause much harm to it. But it may result in breaking off of the sealer.

Natural Stone Cleaning Services

⇒ Damp Mop

Minor dust particles are difficult to catch. But on a natural stone surface, they can turn out to be abrasive as they stick below your feet when you stroll over. If this takes place through the years, it can lead to wear patterns and a dull appearance.

Therefore, it’s encouraged to damp mop your natural stone flooring and countertops each day, or every 2 days. You can also use a vacuum instead of a damp mop. Lastly, use a neutral cleaner when performing the cleaning duty.

⇒ Do Not Use A Scrubbing Pad

Several owners associate cleaning stains and etches with a scrubbing pad. However, doing so will make the natural stone more likely to worsen faster. That is due to the fact a scrubbing pad has an abrasive effect on stone.

As a substitute, use a tender cotton cloth with a slight solution and withstand the urge to ‘buff’ any scratches or stains. You can also use a paper towel or soft bristle brush for the same.

Natural Stone Cleaning Company Near Me in Yucaipa!

Your one-stop source for natural stone cleaning is none other than, Steam Clean Restoration. Our professional natural stone cleaners use apt cleaning methods and products to deliver the best service to you.

Call us on (909) 528-6666 to take advantage of our superior cleaning services. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction for all our cleaning and restoration services.

To know more about us and our work in Yucaipa, connect with us on Yelp.

The Whole Nine Yards About Hardwood Floor Cleaning This Spring

After the frigid wintry weather, your hardwood floors have probably taken a beating. Moist shoes pull in the dust and dirt particles inside. This dust and grime get collected in dark corners of hardwood. So with the coming of spring, make the effort to deep clean your hardwood floors.

Thankfully, hardwood floors are extraordinarily smooth to care for. More modern hardwood floors don’t require a whole lot of protection, mainly if you care for them appropriately every day. Learn the whole hardwood floor cleaning process to start spring cleaning.

If you have trouble cleaning your hardwood or don’t have time to do so, you can always hire professionals. Here’s an article to guide you through the process of finding the best hardwood floor cleaning services. Now, you can give your hardwood floor a clean look with proper deep cleaning.

Rejuvenate Your Hardwood Floor Cleaning This Spring

Step-By-Step Deep Cleaning

First, remove dirt, dust, or puppy hair that might scratch your flooring. Use a vacuum, microfiber fabric, or dust mop. In case you use a vacuum, don’t use the brush attachment. Use the naked ground setting to keep away from scratching the floors.

Subsequently, use a wooden-cleansing product to take away dust and oil buildup. Observe the instructions on the bottle to avoid damaging the floor. Dilute the cleaning product using water for better results. Use a sponge, fabric, or soft mop to clean the hardwood floor effectively.

Relying on the product you operate, damp mop the floor after applying the cleanser. Lastly, blot up any extra water on the ground. Moisture can damage the wooden floor if left standing for a prolonged period. If it’s humid, use a fan to help the floor dry a piece quicker.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Yucaipa CA

Tips For Mopping Hardwood Flooring:

  • Continually mop within the direction of the wooden grain.
  • Put your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and mist it on the ground. Mop with a dry mop or a microfiber cloth.
  • Unload your water and replace it with smooth water as essential.
  • After mopping with a cleaning solution, cross over the whole ground once more with a moist mop to keep away from product buildup.

Looking For a Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Expert?

If you require professional hardwood floor cleaning services, get in touch with Steam Clean Restoration in Yucaipa, CA. Our professional hardwood floor cleaners provide great cleaning services at an affordable rate.

To book our exclusive cleaning services, call on (909) 528-6666. Also, follow us on Yelp for additional information.

Major Merits Of Couch Cleaning Services

Couch is the one place where you love to spend the most amount of your time. Be it watching television, mingling with guests, or playing with your kids or pets. It’s one thing that brings everyone together.

Similarly, couches in a commercial building are also very important. They are mostly seen at reception areas, common areas, or in cabins. The style, color, comfort of the couch helps create a harmonic environment at the workplace.

Now, you understand the importance of the couch. Therefore, it’s equally important for you to look after them. Here, you can choose couch cleaning services to help you maintain your couch’s shine.

4 Ways In Which Couch Cleaning Services Benefits You

(1) Decreases The Damage

Since couches are really comfortable, there’s no secret that everyone loves sitting on them. But then this results, significant damage to the upholstered furniture. So, with the help of expert cleaning, you can reduce the extent of damage to them.

(2) The Upholstery’s Lifespan Increases

Couches are a favorite place for kids as well as pets to nap and play. Neither of them understands the damage they cause to the upholstery. Therefore, to reverse the damage and to increase the upholstery’s lifespan, regular cleaning of it from professional upholstery cleaners is recommended.

Couch Cleaning Services

(3) Keeps It Beautiful

It’s natural for the upholstery to get dirty. The stains of coffee, wine, food, ink, or the presence of food crumbs, dirt, grime are a testament that your upholstery is dirty. Dirty upholstery, when not cleaned, loses its shine and becomes dull. But with regular professional cleaning, it stays beautiful till you replace it.

(4) Allows To Maintain Hygiene-Level

You eat, play, entertain guests, all on your upholstery. There’s no doubt that they get dirty and stained in the process. Then, there’s the problem of pests living in the upholstery due to it being dirty. So, to maintain the hygiene-level of the room, hire professional couch cleaning services once in a while.

The Best Professional Couch Cleaning Services In Yucaipa!

If you don’t know how to find professionals, read here on how to find an upholstered furniture cleaning company. Understand that deep-cleaning upholstery is a professional upholstery cleaners task.

You can call Steam Clean Restoration in Yucaipa to clean your couches. Our couch cleaning services provide the best cleaning experience to our residential and commercial customers.

Call us on (909) 528-6666 or send a request on Twitter and you can get a FREE quotation from us. We are always happy to serve you.

How Carpet Patch Repair Makes Your Carpet Look New?

Being a flooring type, the carpets are subjected to heavy wear and tear. This is caused because of high foot traffic, heavy furniture, the mess caused by kids or pets, muddy shoe prints, or pointed stilettos. Whichever is the case, the result is the same: holes and tears in the carpet.

Most types of carpet repair include holes, tears, bubbling, stretching, wrinkling, etc. But in this article, we are mainly looking at how to treat holes or tears in the carpet. Carpet patch repair is the best solution to patch-up the holes in the carpet. Thus, avoiding the need to replace it completely.

How Carpet Patch Repair Works?

1. Tools That You Need

  • Utility Knife
  • Scissors
  • Marker

2. Materials You Need

  • Piece of Donor Carpet
  • Double-sided Carpet Tape
  • A scrap of Carpet

Carpet Patch Repair Method

Carpet Patch Repair Yucaipa

1. Study The Damaged Area: This method is suitable for smaller holes, stained, burnt, or tears in the carpet. If the damage is over 1 square foot size, then replacing the carpet is the best option.

2. Look For Donor Carpet: Most carpet owners save the leftover carpet after the installation process. This leftover carpet then comes in handy during the patching process. However, in case you have saved none, you can go to a local carpet shop and buy a piece of carpet which matches the one at home.

3. Trace The Damaged Area: With the help of a marker, trace out the damaged area. This helps prevent cut off of good, unspoiled carpet.

4. Cut The Damaged Part: Use the utility knife to cut out the damaged section along with the padding. Make sure not to cut off the tufts. Carefully lift off the damaged section. If there’s any fabric still connected to the carpet, cut off the fabric strings gently instead of pulling them.

5. Place The Donor Carpet: Place the piece of donor carpet over the cutoff area. Mark the exact shape of the cut-off area via a marker and cut the carpet piece. The cut-off piece should fit perfectly with the carpet.

6. Choose The Nap Direction: Carpet’s nap always faces a single direction. Touch the carpet to determine the correct direction of the nap. Find the nap direction of the donor piece and align it with the original carpet.

7. Stick The Donor Carpet: Use the double-sided carpet tape to stick the donor piece to the carpet.

8. Merge The Donor Carpet: Use a carpet roller or a comb across the carpet in all directions to merge the patch well with the carpet. Don’t leave out the edges. However, do not overwork the edges or else it will rip out the tufts.

Call Carpet Repair Services in Yucaipa!

If you don’t have the time to do carpet patch repair yourself, call Steam Clean Restoration. Our carpet repair technician patches up your carpet to make it look new. So next time you have a problem with your carpet, call at (909) 528-6666. You can also follow us on Twitter to know more about us.

How Can You Achieve Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets look amazing when they are clean and stain-free. But keeping them in that condition doesn’t always work out. Time and time again, any silly accident or a spill, stains or spoils the carpet.

Cleaning them regularly is anyway a must. But if you go a step further by hiring professional carpet cleaners, then your carpet will stay lost for a long time. Alas, most carpet cleaning methods leave the carpet in a mess.

To prevent your carpet from getting damaged because of over wetting, here’s a guide on quick dry carpet cleaning methods.

3 Ways To Achieve Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Redlands

1. Use Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

There are two methods to clean carpets: dry and wet carpet cleaning methods. For faster results with less water involved in cleaning carpets, you can opt for dry carpet cleaning. This method allows you to use the carpet after just 30 minutes of carpet cleaning.

2. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Method

Although hiring carpet steam cleaning services is beneficial, however, it also has some cons. For example, the carpets get exposed to a lot of moisture, which if not removed, causes mold to grow. So to avoid this unnecessary problem, you can switch to a low moisture carpet cleaning method.

3. Use Carpet Protectants

Many professional carpet cleaners advise carpet owners to invest in a good carpet protectant. What a carpet protectant does it that it keeps dust, dirt, and stain away from the carpet. The less these bad elements come in contact with your carpet, the faster you can achieve quick dry carpet cleaning.

For Better Results: Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners!

Carpets are delicate in nature and also get stained easily. If they are to be kept spotless, you need to clean them regularly. Vacuuming them regularly helps, but for better results, hiring professional Steam Clean Restoration is what your carpet needs to look like new.

Our professional carpet cleaners are trained and have years of experience treating all types of carpets. Thus, you can rest assured when you hire us to clean your carpets. So, book our professional cleaning service in Yucaipa by calling on (909) 528-6666. Learn about quick dry carpet cleaning by following us on Twitter.

How To Properly Care Of Your Rugs?

Rugs add a charming and warm touch to your home’s interior. Their vivid colors, design, and texture make it a people’s pleaser. But along with all these lovely qualities, one must not forget that it’s filled with contaminants.

So before the disaster strikes and ruins your rug entirely, learn how to properly care for your rugs. The tips that you will learn here will help preserve your carpet and keep it in tip-top condition for a long period.

Professional Tips To Take Care Of Your Rugs

Professional Rug Care Yucaipa

1. Vacuum Frequently And In Between Professional Cleaning

It’s very important to vacuum your rugs frequently. This allows you to remove every sordid item from its surface before it gets the time to go further deep. Further, clean them in between two professional cleanings to keep them clean and refreshing.

2. Get Yourself A Good Rug Pad

A rug pad is a good investment if you want to increase the life of your rug. These pads stop people from slipping, absorb sound, and also heavy wear and tear withstood by the rugs. They also provide additional comfort, cushioning, and softness to the carpets.

3. Turn The Rug Around Frequently

Have you noticed dents on your rugs? That’s because the furniture you place on it is very heavy. This heavy furniture, dent and crush the rug fibers, thus spoiling the rug entirely. To prevent this, keep the heavy furniture away from the rug.

4. Say No To DIY Cleaning

However tempting it is to indulge in DIY rug cleaning methods, avoid them at any cost. The cleaning methods you see on the internet don’t prove to be handy. Plus, they’re working depending on your rug fabric type. Instead, investing in reliable professional rug cleaners works for the best.

Take Help From Trusted Professionals in Homestead!

Before you make a call, go through the most asked questions about professional rug cleaning services. If you need professional help, Steam Clean Restoration is there for you.

Our professional rug cleaners have lots of experience and knowledge to deliver what the customers want. So, call us at (909) 528-6666 regarding our professional cleaning services in Yucaipa. For more updates, follow on Twitter.

Signs Of a Poor Carpet Installation & How To Fix It

Carpets look amazing when installed correctly. They add charm and warmth to the environment surrounding it. Thus, it becomes a centerpiece of any living space as it brings the entire room together.

But on the other side, if they’re not installed correctly, they look horrible. Air bubbles, waves, wrinkles are common occurrences in carpets that are incorrectly installed. Thus, giving off an unfinished vibe to the room.

All in all, it’s important to have your carpets installed correctly. However, how would you know that? Well! Here are some signs of a poor carpet installation & how to fix it too.

Examples of a Poor Carpet Installation & How To Fix It

Carpet Installation Services Yucaipa

1. Wrong Installation of Padding

The problem with the wrong installation of carpet padding is that it will be bumpy. Thus, it will cause the carpet to have wrinkles and air bubbles in it. But by having a professional carpet installer, you can rest assured that the carpet padding will be installed correctly.

2. Use of Incorrect Equipment

When you use the incorrect equipment for stretching like knee-kicker, then it will cause severe damage to your carpet. Look out for professional carpet installers who use the correct equipment for installing your carpets correctly. This will ensure that your carpet looks amazing once the work is done.

How To Fixing Up Wrongly Installed Carpets

The best way to avoid such circumstances is by hiring the correct professional carpet installer. Here are some attributes that the professional should have:

  • In-depth knowledge about different types of carpets, their installation, types of carpet repair, etc.
  • Years of experience in handling all types of carpet installations and repairs.
  • Should have solid referrals and recommendations.
  • Highly trained staff who know how to handle equipment properly.
  • Latest industry-standard equipment.

Trust Professional Carpet Installers in Yucaipa!

In case, the carpet is not installed correctly at your home in Yucaipa, then call experts from Steam Clean Restoration. Our professional carpet installers use the best equipment to deliver high-level services to our clients.

We also provide all types of carpet repair services, which bring back the beauty of your carpet. So, if you have any installation or repair problem with your carpet, call us at (909) 528-6666. You can also follow us on Twitter.

One Stop Source For Natural Stone Cleaning Yucaipa [Infographic]

Over time stones start to look dull & lose their shine. To maintain its look, professional natural stone cleaning and restoration is mandatory.


Natural Stone Cleaning Yucaipa


If you are in need of stone cleaning in Yucaipa, your search will stop at Steam Clean Restoration. Call today (909) 528-6666!


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6 Best Ideas To Hire Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Our carpets speak a lot about our home. The food and drink spills, pet’s nature calls, or the sporty kids all living in one place. Well! Cleaning the filth is another part of the story.

Christmas celebrations demand their own share of attention and carpet cleaning is not behind in the race. In fact, the guests notice them at the very first look. So, you may plan to deep clean it via the carpet steam cleaning services.

Before you consider hiring any services, make yourself aware of the expectations from them. Let’s know about ideas to find the right service in your area.

6 Ideas For Choosing The Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Beaumont

1. Ask Them!

It is vitally important to know what will happen with your carpets. You can ask the company about the method of cleaning they will use on your carpets and rugs.

2. Common Method

The importance of steam carpet cleaning services is well known. It is one of the most effective methods to clean your carpets. So, before hiring a company, make sure they offer this cleaning method.

3. Rugs Cleaning

Many companies offer to clean the rugs, but as a matter of fact, outsource this service to specialized cleaners. Take confirmation on this and contact the service directly.

4. Know the Size

You must know the area of your carpet and rugs. Some companies charge as per the size of the area to be cleaned. The larger area would require more resources for cleaning.

5. Type of Fabric

Carpets are made of different fabrics. The choice you made while buying it will determine its treatment. Fibers like wool will be cleaned differently as compared to nylon, olefin, and polyester.

6. Pricing

The price will depend on the size and fabric of your carpet. Ask for quotes from different carpet steam cleaning services for the same carpet. A comparison will give you a better idea about choosing the service.

Top-Notch Carpet Steam Cleaning Services!

Steam cleaning is a recommended method for deep cleaning your carpets. You can have your carpets cleaned twice a year for proper maintenance. Find reliable carpet steam cleaning services nearby.

Steam Clean and Restoration is a trustworthy carpet cleaning service provider in Beaumont, CA. Our specialty includes family and pet safe cleaning solutions, modern spot removal techniques, quick-drying carpet cleaning, and more.

Forget about the carpet cleaning hassles on this holiday. Book your appointment with us, ring the bells at (909) 528-6666. For more updates, follow our Twitter page.