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Some Helpful Tips for Natural Stone Cleaning Services

Natural stone is an investment that lasts a lifetime. To make it appear as beautiful as the day you bought it, provide it the care it deserves. Vacuum daily and hire professional natural stone cleaning service frequently. Keep in mind, even if the stone is long-lasting and durable, it’s not indestructible.

To preserve your stone to stay immaculate for generations, you need knowledge and training on upkeep and regular care. Doing so will make sure they maintain their shine and beauty. You can use organic stone cleaning products for better upkeep of your natural stone flooring.

What happens in case you don’t have the right information about natural stone cleaning? Well, it can cause homeowners to make errors which may also result in the stone being damaged. We do not want your stone flooring to suffer. That’s why we have brought to you some amazing natural stone cleaning tips.

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips That Professionals Suggests

⇒ Do Not Use Vinegar

It’s crucial to use cleaners that are suitable for natural stone surfaces. This means avoiding the use of vinegar. Stones like limestone, marble, or travertine react to vinegar as it’s an acidic purifier, with harsh outcomes.

It also results in the burning of the surface of the stone. Rather, homeowners should invest in a neutral pH level natural stone cleaning products. In the case of granite, vinegar won’t cause much harm to it. But it may result in breaking off of the sealer.

Natural Stone Cleaning Services

⇒ Damp Mop

Minor dust particles are difficult to catch. But on a natural stone surface, they can turn out to be abrasive as they stick below your feet when you stroll over. If this takes place through the years, it can lead to wear patterns and a dull appearance.

Therefore, it’s encouraged to damp mop your natural stone flooring and countertops each day, or every 2 days. You can also use a vacuum instead of a damp mop. Lastly, use a neutral cleaner when performing the cleaning duty.

⇒ Do Not Use A Scrubbing Pad

Several owners associate cleaning stains and etches with a scrubbing pad. However, doing so will make the natural stone more likely to worsen faster. That is due to the fact a scrubbing pad has an abrasive effect on stone.

As a substitute, use a tender cotton cloth with a slight solution and withstand the urge to ‘buff’ any scratches or stains. You can also use a paper towel or soft bristle brush for the same.

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Some Helpful Tips for Natural Stone Cleaning Services