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The Whole Nine Yards About Hardwood Floor Cleaning This Spring

After the frigid wintry weather, your hardwood floors have probably taken a beating. Moist shoes pull in the dust and dirt particles inside. This dust and grime get collected in dark corners of hardwood. So with the coming of spring, make the effort to deep clean your hardwood floors.

Thankfully, hardwood floors are extraordinarily smooth to care for. More modern hardwood floors don’t require a whole lot of protection, mainly if you care for them appropriately every day. Learn the whole hardwood floor cleaning process to start spring cleaning.

If you have trouble cleaning your hardwood or don’t have time to do so, you can always hire professionals. Here’s an article to guide you through the process of finding the best hardwood floor cleaning services. Now, you can give your hardwood floor a clean look with proper deep cleaning.

Rejuvenate Your Hardwood Floor Cleaning This Spring

Step-By-Step Deep Cleaning

First, remove dirt, dust, or puppy hair that might scratch your flooring. Use a vacuum, microfiber fabric, or dust mop. In case you use a vacuum, don’t use the brush attachment. Use the naked ground setting to keep away from scratching the floors.

Subsequently, use a wooden-cleansing product to take away dust and oil buildup. Observe the instructions on the bottle to avoid damaging the floor. Dilute the cleaning product using water for better results. Use a sponge, fabric, or soft mop to clean the hardwood floor effectively.

Relying on the product you operate, damp mop the floor after applying the cleanser. Lastly, blot up any extra water on the ground. Moisture can damage the wooden floor if left standing for a prolonged period. If it’s humid, use a fan to help the floor dry a piece quicker.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Yucaipa CA

Tips For Mopping Hardwood Flooring:

  • Continually mop within the direction of the wooden grain.
  • Put your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and mist it on the ground. Mop with a dry mop or a microfiber cloth.
  • Unload your water and replace it with smooth water as essential.
  • After mopping with a cleaning solution, cross over the whole ground once more with a moist mop to keep away from product buildup.

Looking For a Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Expert?

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The Whole Nine Yards About Hardwood Floor Cleaning This Spring