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How Carpet Patch Repair Makes Your Carpet Look New?

Being a flooring type, the carpets are subjected to heavy wear and tear. This is caused because of high foot traffic, heavy furniture, the mess caused by kids or pets, muddy shoe prints, or pointed stilettos. Whichever is the case, the result is the same: holes and tears in the carpet.

Most types of carpet repair include holes, tears, bubbling, stretching, wrinkling, etc. But in this article, we are mainly looking at how to treat holes or tears in the carpet. Carpet patch repair is the best solution to patch-up the holes in the carpet. Thus, avoiding the need to replace it completely.

How Carpet Patch Repair Works?

1. Tools That You Need

  • Utility Knife
  • Scissors
  • Marker

2. Materials You Need

  • Piece of Donor Carpet
  • Double-sided Carpet Tape
  • A scrap of Carpet

Carpet Patch Repair Method

Carpet Patch Repair Yucaipa

1. Study The Damaged Area: This method is suitable for smaller holes, stained, burnt, or tears in the carpet. If the damage is over 1 square foot size, then replacing the carpet is the best option.

2. Look For Donor Carpet: Most carpet owners save the leftover carpet after the installation process. This leftover carpet then comes in handy during the patching process. However, in case you have saved none, you can go to a local carpet shop and buy a piece of carpet which matches the one at home.

3. Trace The Damaged Area: With the help of a marker, trace out the damaged area. This helps prevent cut off of good, unspoiled carpet.

4. Cut The Damaged Part: Use the utility knife to cut out the damaged section along with the padding. Make sure not to cut off the tufts. Carefully lift off the damaged section. If there’s any fabric still connected to the carpet, cut off the fabric strings gently instead of pulling them.

5. Place The Donor Carpet: Place the piece of donor carpet over the cutoff area. Mark the exact shape of the cut-off area via a marker and cut the carpet piece. The cut-off piece should fit perfectly with the carpet.

6. Choose The Nap Direction: Carpet’s nap always faces a single direction. Touch the carpet to determine the correct direction of the nap. Find the nap direction of the donor piece and align it with the original carpet.

7. Stick The Donor Carpet: Use the double-sided carpet tape to stick the donor piece to the carpet.

8. Merge The Donor Carpet: Use a carpet roller or a comb across the carpet in all directions to merge the patch well with the carpet. Don’t leave out the edges. However, do not overwork the edges or else it will rip out the tufts.

Call Carpet Repair Services in Yucaipa!

If you don’t have the time to do carpet patch repair yourself, call Steam Clean Restoration. Our carpet repair technician patches up your carpet to make it look new. So next time you have a problem with your carpet, call at (909) 528-6666. You can also follow us on Twitter to know more about us.

Most Known Types Of Carpet Repair- Explained!

As much as we love our carpets, they often suffer from the harsh conditions and usage. These lead to heavy wear and tear which cause rips, patches, bubbles, holes, etc., in them. Though, there is an option to replace it altogether, but a far better one is to get it repaired. 

With distinct problems in carpets, one requires different types of carpet repair methods to fix it. You can fix some minor issues in the carpet yourself, but for bigger ones, you need professional help. So, here is a list of different repairs you observe on a carpet.  

Different Types of Carpet Repair That You Must Know


⇒ Wrinkles in The Carpet

Wrinkling is also known as rippling. This phenomenon occurs because of uneven wear and tear or permanent damage to the backing of the carpet. So in places with high foot traffic, the carpet wrinkles and creates air bubbles.

To avoid more damage to the carpet, get the carpet stretched as soon as possible. Professional carpet repair services stretch the carpet, remove the air bubbles and get it look as perfect as before.

⇒ Burns and Holes in The Carpet

If you have anyone in your family who smokes, then you might have some burn marks on your carpet. It may also happen due to carelessness or by accident. Whichever may be the case, burns and holes destroy the look of the carpet. 

The only way to recover its original look is by patching up the holes and burns. Carpet repair technicians understand the direction of the nap and match the new piece of carpet well with the carpet. This makes the carpet look natural and seamless.  

carpet hole repair Yucaipa

⇒ Crushing of The Carpet

Matting or crushing happens because of the huge wear and tear subjected on the carpet as well as its age. Unfortunately, dealing with a crushed carpet is extremely difficult and frustrating. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance from professional carpet cleaners lets you prevent this problem altogether. Steam carpet cleaning is an extremely effective cleaning method to revive the carpet pile. 

Need Help To Revive the Look of Your Carpet?

Got some troubles with your carpets? Contact Steam Clean Restoration, leading carpet repair specialists in Yucaipa to help you revive its looks. Call us at (909) 528 6666 to talk to our extremely talented carpet repair consultant. For more details, join us on our Instagram page


Signs Of a Poor Carpet Installation & How To Fix It

Carpets look amazing when installed correctly. They add charm and warmth to the environment surrounding it. Thus, it becomes a centerpiece of any living space as it brings the entire room together.

But on the other side, if they’re not installed correctly, they look horrible. Air bubbles, waves, wrinkles are common occurrences in carpets that are incorrectly installed. Thus, giving off an unfinished vibe to the room.

All in all, it’s important to have your carpets installed correctly. However, how would you know that? Well! Here are some signs of a poor carpet installation & how to fix it too.

Examples of a Poor Carpet Installation & How To Fix It

Carpet Installation Services Yucaipa

1. Wrong Installation of Padding

The problem with the wrong installation of carpet padding is that it will be bumpy. Thus, it will cause the carpet to have wrinkles and air bubbles in it. But by having a professional carpet installer, you can rest assured that the carpet padding will be installed correctly.

2. Use of Incorrect Equipment

When you use the incorrect equipment for stretching like knee-kicker, then it will cause severe damage to your carpet. Look out for professional carpet installers who use the correct equipment for installing your carpets correctly. This will ensure that your carpet looks amazing once the work is done.

How To Fixing Up Wrongly Installed Carpets

The best way to avoid such circumstances is by hiring the correct professional carpet installer. Here are some attributes that the professional should have:

  • In-depth knowledge about different types of carpets, their installation, types of carpet repair, etc.
  • Years of experience in handling all types of carpet installations and repairs.
  • Should have solid referrals and recommendations.
  • Highly trained staff who know how to handle equipment properly.
  • Latest industry-standard equipment.

Trust Professional Carpet Installers in Yucaipa!

In case, the carpet is not installed correctly at your home in Yucaipa, then call experts from Steam Clean Restoration. Our professional carpet installers use the best equipment to deliver high-level services to our clients.

We also provide all types of carpet repair services, which bring back the beauty of your carpet. So, if you have any installation or repair problem with your carpet, call us at (909) 528-6666. You can also follow us on Twitter.