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Top Most Questions Asked When Hiring Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Hiring professional rug cleaning services for the first time is nerve-wracking. Especially, if you’re confused about the service providers, the quality, their finesse, cost and much more.

To clear out your confusion, here’s a list of questions you should ask professional rug cleaning services before hiring them.

Q1. Do you provide free quotations for professional rug cleaning services?

Ask for a free quotation for the work from several cleaning companies. Gives a better idea of what the actual rate of service is in the market. Also, stops you from getting conned by service providers into paying more than the actual asking rate of the services.

Q2. What Rug Cleaning Process Do They Use?

Rug Cleaning Services Yucaipa

Rugs are an expensive item in your household and so it’s hard to trust professionals with them. Ask the professionals which method of rug cleaning do they use: hot extraction or steam cleaning. Also, ask them to recommend which process would work best for your rug.

Similarly, conduct a complete research on the professional rug cleaning company and also go through client reviews.

Q3. Is The Company Licensed and Insured?

With so many service provider companies popping up in the market, highly recommended checking the license of the company. A licensed company follows the state rules and regulations and proves its reliability.

The cleaning company should also have insurance to safeguard your interests. In case of accidents or damages, an insured company will pay for the cost of the damage. Therefore, to always be on the safer side, choose a company that is insured.

Q4. Do You Charge Extra For Stain Removal?

Stain removal is part of the cleaning process. However, it depends on the type of stains. The cleaner might ask you to pay more to remove simple stains but be smart and say no.

Some cleaning companies have customized service packages that include deep cleaning and stain removal. Opt for the service you think fulfills your needs.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services That Answers All Your Questions!

Steam Clean Restoration provides professional rug cleaning services in and around Yucaipa at the best competitive rates. For questions or doubts regarding rug cleaning, talk to our consultant at (909) 528 6666 or message us on Twitter.

How To Properly Care Of Your Rugs?

Rugs add a charming and warm touch to your home’s interior. Their vivid colors, design, and texture make it a people’s pleaser. But along with all these lovely qualities, one must not forget that it’s filled with contaminants.

So before the disaster strikes and ruins your rug entirely, learn how to properly care for your rugs. The tips that you will learn here will help preserve your carpet and keep it in tip-top condition for a long period.

Professional Tips To Take Care Of Your Rugs

Professional Rug Care Yucaipa

1. Vacuum Frequently And In Between Professional Cleaning

It’s very important to vacuum your rugs frequently. This allows you to remove every sordid item from its surface before it gets the time to go further deep. Further, clean them in between two professional cleanings to keep them clean and refreshing.

2. Get Yourself A Good Rug Pad

A rug pad is a good investment if you want to increase the life of your rug. These pads stop people from slipping, absorb sound, and also heavy wear and tear withstood by the rugs. They also provide additional comfort, cushioning, and softness to the carpets.

3. Turn The Rug Around Frequently

Have you noticed dents on your rugs? That’s because the furniture you place on it is very heavy. This heavy furniture, dent and crush the rug fibers, thus spoiling the rug entirely. To prevent this, keep the heavy furniture away from the rug.

4. Say No To DIY Cleaning

However tempting it is to indulge in DIY rug cleaning methods, avoid them at any cost. The cleaning methods you see on the internet don’t prove to be handy. Plus, they’re working depending on your rug fabric type. Instead, investing in reliable professional rug cleaners works for the best.

Take Help From Trusted Professionals in Homestead!

Before you make a call, go through the most asked questions about professional rug cleaning services. If you need professional help, Steam Clean Restoration is there for you.

Our professional rug cleaners have lots of experience and knowledge to deliver what the customers want. So, call us at (909) 528-6666 regarding our professional cleaning services in Yucaipa. For more updates, follow on Twitter.