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Why Get A Professional Pet Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Cleaning Service

Pets are compassionate, loyal, and loving partners. But with them being at home, dealing with pet stains and odors on your carpets is a common occurrence.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that pet accident on carpets, and rugs can be reversed. Pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaning service is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Here are 4 reasons pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaning service is recommended to pet owners.

4 Reasons To Get Professional Pet Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Cleaning Services

Pet Stain & Odor Remover Carpet Cleaning Yucaipa

a. Professionals Provide A Cleaner and Healthier Carpet

Pets feces contain germs and bacteria which can cause harmful health problems. They carry a lot of germs and spread them around the house, especially on the carpets.

Pets contain germs like salmonella and staphylococcus that cause health hazards for you and your family. Professionals ensure to get rid of all this health causing problems from the carpet.

b. Professionals Have Experience And Knowledge

Pet stains and odor removal are rather difficult to achieve on your own. Without having proper knowledge about your carpet type, the cleaning method, and solution, you might ruin the carpet.

Professionals from pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaning service have in-depth knowledge of stain and odor removal from carpets effectively. Experienced professionals will use the most beneficial method that restores back the glory of the carpet.

c. Professionals Use High-Quality Equipment and Cleaning Solution

As mentioned above, with the use of improper equipment and cleaning solutions, you might damage the carpet. Secondly, the cleaning solutions found in the market don’t give satisfying results and also contain harsh chemicals.

Professionals have access to high-quality equipment and safe cleaning solutions that remove stains and odors thoroughly. A good cleaning service uses cleaning solutions, which are safe for pets and are environmentally friendly.

d. Professionals Save Time and Efforts

Cleaning carpets on your own is a time-consuming task. And with your busy lives, it’s hard to take out time to clean carpets, even if they are small. The task becomes even harder and time-consuming when dealing with pet stains and odors.

To remedy this, why not hire a pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaning service? They not only clean the carpets thoroughly and remove all the unwanted stains and odors. But also provide you with a new-looking and pleasant smelling carpet. Thus, saving your time and efforts in doing the job.

Get a Clean and Pleasant Smelling Carpet Today!

We at Steam Clean Restoration provide the most trustworthy and assured pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaning service near Yucaipa.

Call us at (909) 528 6666 for residential carpet cleaning consultation or book our services via Yelp.

DIY Vs Professional Pet Stain Smell Removal- Which Is Effective?

You all love your furry friends. They are loving and loyal friends who stick by you on good and bad days. But these friends come with their own troubles and one of them is pet urine stains and stinky odor.

Even house trained pets make mistakes sometimes, however the consequence of dealing with them is so much harder. So there are two ways to deal with pet stain smell removal: DIY vs professional pet stain smell removal.

Though the selection between these two depends on various factors like size, budget, and extent of damage. However, before you decide, read the below pros and cons and then make an informed decision.

Professional Pet Stain Smell Removal


  • Remove pet stain and odor from the carpets.
  • Sprays stain protector, which prevents future pet accidents.
  • 100% guaranteed results.
  • Have experience and knowledge of every carpet type. Therefore, they use the right cleaning method and solutions.
  • Professionals provides in-depth cleaning which not only removes pet stains and odor but also removes pests and other filthy contaminants.
  • Use pet safe cleaning solutions.


  • Pricer than DIY method.

professional pet stain smell removal

DIY Pet Stain Smell Removal


  • Cost effective as most DIY use simple ingredients that you can easily find at home.


  • Some DIY uses bleach and vinegar to remove pet stains and odor. However, these acidic mixtures are harmful to your pets. Therefore, avoid using them.
  • No guaranteed results. There is no surety that the DIYs will work its magic. Moreover, they remove surface stains and not the bacteria and germs present in the carpet.
  • Different carpet types react differently to every cleaning solution. So, without proper knowledge and expertise, you might end up ruining your carpet.

diy pet stain smell removal

Is Your Carpet Stained and Smells? Get Professional Help Here!

With pets at home, pet accidents happen on a daily occurrence. However, because of this your carpet contains stains and smells bad.

To get rid of this problem, contact Steam Clean Restoration serving the residents of Yucaipa and nearby areas. Professional pet stain and odor removal clean your carpet providing you with a stain and smell free carpet.

To protect your carpet from pet accidents, schedule an appointment with us by calling on (909) 528 6666. Get to know more about us and our exclusive services on our Instagram handle.

How Carpet Pet Urine Stain Removal Is Healthy For Homes?

Many people don’t know that pet urine isn’t just gross, but it has major effects on your home environment. Unfortunately, most of you don’t realise the after-effects of it that easily. But when pets urinate on carpets, they absorb all the contaminants from it.

Even when you clean up the stain, you don’t realize that the contaminants are still present in the carpets. So, you may think that the slight odor coming from the carpet is non-dangerous, but is it? To get rid of urine stains and odor, get help from professional carpet pet urine stain removal services.

Ways In Which Carpet Pet Urine Stain Removal Makes Home Healthier

Carpet Pet Urine Stain Removal Services Yucaipa

There are two options available to clean pet urine from your carpet: DIY Vs professional pet stain smell removal. You can choose either of the options, whichever suits your boat. But keep in mind that professional cleaning is more effective than DIY, although it is expensive.

Basically, if you choose a carpet pet urine stain removal service, here are ways they would make your home healthier.

Removes Every Traces of Pet Urine From The Carpet

Pet urine contains ammonia which can cause irritation to your lungs. If pet urine is present in large quantities, it will make you feel as if your lungs are on fire. Plus, it will also cause you irritation in the throat, windpipe, and nose. So, inhaling a lot of ammonia can also make you lightheaded and you may faint.

Do you know that ammonia also causes skin and eye irritation? Yes, it does. So, if your carpet soaks up pet urine, it will expose you to ammonia for a long time. Besides, the smell of pee will make your pets believe that it’s a peeing spot. So they will continue peeing there until you remove every trace of their urine and smell from your carpets.

When you hire professionals, they use UV-light technology to find out all the affected areas. They use kids and pets safe cleaning solutions along with different cleaning methods to remove pet urine stains and smell. Thus, getting rid of all the harmful chemicals and unwanted pests from your carpet. This makes your home environment clean, sterile, and healthy.

Your Pet Ruined Your Carpet? Get Professional Help Here!

Professional pet urine stain and odor removers at Steam Clean Restoration can help you get your old carpet back. Our deep carpet cleaning process can remove all the pet urine stains and odor from your beloved carpets.

To know more about our services in Yucaipa, call on (909) 528 6666. Regarding any queries on carpet pet stain removal, post a message on our Instagram page.