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What Is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

You can find many carpet cleaning methods online. But, the most popular and effective method is the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method.

Everyone prefers this method as it suits almost all carpet types and removes deeply embedded dirt and contaminants. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly cleaning process and therefore provides a healthy environment to live or work.

This blog post focuses on learning about working and the benefits of hot water extraction carpet cleaning.


Learn The Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method

This method uses a truck-mounted cleaning machine and safe cleaning solution. Professional follow the below steps to clean the carpets:

→ Initial Inspection: The first and the foremost step is to check the carpet and determine the stains and spots inside it. Professionals use this step to understand the carpet type and the extent of damage on it.

→ Dry Vacuuming: In this step, the professionals use high-quality vacuum to clean off all the dust and crumb particles lying on the surface.

hot water extraction cleaning Yucaipa

→ Spot Cleaning: Once the surface is clean, the professionals remove all the tough stains and spots. After cleaning them off, the experts spray spot protectors to prevent such accidents.

→ Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: Now that the carpet is prepped, professional carpet cleaners use truck-mounted cleaning machines. The trained experts inject hot water along with the cleaning solution inside the carpet, which gets deeply absorbed by it. The suction in the machine sucks the water and solution along with all the filthy contaminants from the carpet.

→ Drying Process: Next, they leave the carpet to dry. Generally, it takes the carpet 4-12 hours to dry completely.


Advantages of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method

  • Most effective method to clean the carpets from deep within.
  • Environmentally safe cleaning method.
  • Safe for homes with kids and pets.
  • Removes pet stains and odor.
  • Dry the carpet fast after cleaning.

Get Hold of Trusted Carpet Cleaners Here!

Hot water extraction is a widely popular cleaning method in the carpet cleaning industry. At Steam Clean Restoration, we use this method of cleaning for the best carpet cleaning experience. Our expert carpet cleaners remove all the dirt and grime, leaving behind a carpet which looks great and smells good.

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